Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Last updated on 4/23/2021.



This policy discusses how 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS gathers, uses, and shares the personal information and non personal information, that we obtain from users on our website:

Personal information might include: first and last name, email address, telephone number, mailing address, birthday, photographs such as personal images, additional information such as: eye color, hair color, information regarding the products you bought and any other information that is stored with your name.

Information that is been submitted on other websites, not cover under this privacy policy, even if we communicate with you on those sites. If you post something on the social media: Instagram, Facebook etc, the information is governed by the privacy policies on those websites, and is not governed by this policy.   


  • Purchasing on our website: First and last name, email address, credit card number: in order to process purchases and complete the transactions on our website, and other billing information, shipping address, billing address and phone number. We outsource processing of credit card transactions. Please refer to Credit Card Information paragraph below.
  • Registration on our website: First and last name, e-mail address and birthday.
  • Generating contents by user reviews on products, blogs:

On our website, we provide the options of writing reviews on our products, ratings recommendations and comments and any additional content on our blog, these actions that users take are designed to be visible to other users. Any information you disclose by generating contents on our websites, along with your user ID or any photo/ image, becomes public and may be used by 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS for online, offline commercial uses and promotional in all medias. If you write comment, review or recommendation, you need to be aware that any personal information you submit can be collected, used, read by other users. 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS is not responsible for the personal information you decide to submit. You may remove or edit the content you uploaded to the blog. We do not have any responsibility to publish and may also remove your reviews, comments or recommendations that you have submitted on the blog platform at our website.

Writing reviews on our products, ratings recommendations and comments on our blog might be included in our API’s and RSS feeds and other distribution formats, thus it can appear on blogs, feeds or other websites. By you sharing your reviews, recommendations and comments, you agree that this sharing have been done by you and not by 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS. Furthermore, you agree that we are not responsible for any personal information, you decide to make pubic on our website and/or that can appear on other websites through our API’s and RSS feeds and other distribution formats.

  • Contests and Sweepstakes: First and last name, email address and birthday.
  • Any additional information that you choose to submit or post, such as: eye color, hair color, skin tone and type, photographs, videos, conversations and products.

We might use the following technologies to gather information automatically about the activities of the users on our websites:

  • Cookies, Flash Cookies,  Web server logs, Web beacons, and technologies of Geo location :

Cookies, Flash Cookies are small bits of information that are placed on the hard drive of your computer or your device. We might use Cookies to connect specific information with a unique identifier and your device or browser, recognize your computer or device to gather and record information about user browser activity. You can choose to disable Cookies on your browser, by changing your browser setting. Certain web pages on our website, require that Cookies be enabled in your browser and cannot be used when cookies have been disabled in your browser.    

Web server logs are records of activities of the web pages you browse on your computer, such as: recording the following: link you clicked or search term you entered, in order to bring you to the website, your IP address and Cookies set on your browser by the server.

Web beacons are small graphic images in an email or on a web page. We might use them to track clicks on advertisements by users, performance of promotional emails and recording the pages.

Technologies of Geo location: we might automatically gather general location information from your web browser.

For more information, please refer to our Cookies policy 


4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS mainly uses the personal information that is gathers for the following:

  • Provide you with information and products, such as: email newsletters, promotional email, send cards, gifts, invitations, offers, contests and notify you if you have won a contest.

 Customize advertisements to target the relevant users. We also might customize specific features on our website to provide users with a better web browsing experience according to the type of device user are using to access our website.

  • Track your purchase history.
  • Preventing illegal activities on our website and services, such as preventing fraud, copyright infringement.
  • Collect amounts owing to us and maintain business records.
  • Provide what you requested, respond to your inquiries. If you send us an email, we will use your email address to respond directly to your inquire.
  • Statistical Analysis: marketing, demographic and statistical analyses of the users who browse and/ or buy on our website, in order to improve customer relationships and develop products.
  • Provide technical support.
  • Enforce our legal terms: including without limitation our policies and term of use.
  • Protect the safety of our users.
  • Survey email: we might want to hear your feedbacks by sending you survey for our products and customer service, in order for us to improve our website, services, products, customer service and understand the users better. We will not share the information that is been obtained in the surveys with third parties, except in aggregate form.



4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS might share the personal information in the following:

  • Business transition:

We may share your personal information in the following: we might merge, sell, buy or partner with other businesses/ companies or sale of all or part of our assets, or if a substantial portion of our business’s assets is sold or merged, in these events we might include your information as the transferred assets. We also might share personal information with prospective purchasers to evaluate the proposed transaction.

  • Providers of services:

We work with other companies that provide services for us, such as:  conduct marketing: email distribution, promotions, credit cards companies and billing processors (please refer to Credit Card Information Paragraph below), shipping-freight company, analytics and research management, technical or operational support, fulfill user, order requests, host our website and services, maintain database, contents and conducting customer surveys.  The only information we share with these companies is the information they need, in order to perform their services. The providers of services are obligated to protect personal information as required by this Privacy Policy and forbidden from using personal information in any way, other than to provide services for 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS and they are not allowed to use data, share, and resell for their own direct marketing purposes.

  • Social Networks, Plug-ins and Widgets:

If user uses any features made available to them on our website by a third party, it might result in information being gathered or shared between us and the third party, such as:  if you use Instagram’s “Like” feature, Instagram might register the fact that you “liked” a product and might post that information on Instagram.

  • Feature of sharing an article:

When you provide an email address in order to share an article on our website, your email address might be saved for future, so you can share articles. By using this feature, the email address will not be shared with third parties or use for any other purpose.

If you choose to share an article by using third party personal information, we require the recipient’s name and email address. The recipient will receive an email with the article that has been shared by you. We do not keep this information.

  • Other:

We might share your personal information, in order to protect the legal rights of our company and the safety and security of our users, to detect and protect against fraud, investigating fraudulent activity, or to comply with law or legal process, such as subpoena or a court order, government, law enforcement’s request or any similar request, as required by law.

4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS might share information with third parties that is not directly connected to your name (de- identified information):

  • Patterns of how users browse on our website, such as general location, what type of operating system, device the user is using.   
  • De-identified aggregate information about our customers might be shared with advertisers.



On our website, we have commercial reasonable administrative, technical controls, electronic procedures, in order to assure appropriate use of information, sustain data accuracy, protect the information, prevent unauthorized access and maintain data security. We protect the security of your information during transmission by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software that encrypts information you input.   

Before we disclose personal information to you, we might occasionally request proof of identity according to our security procedures.

Be sure to sign off when you finish using a shared computer, in order to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer.

While we attempt to protect the information in our possession, no security system is perfect and we cannot promise that information about you will remain secure in all circumstances


  • Access your account and correct information

If you created an account on our website, you can access your account and review the information you provided. If you want to correct the information you provided, you can send us an email at, we might ask you information for identity verification purposes, in order for us to make sure that the account is in your possession.

  • Email policy regarding promotional and newsletter emails

Marketing email messages and email newsletters will sent to you by us, only if you have opted in (“Opt-In”). After Opt-In, if you do not want to receive marketing email messages, email newsletters in the future you should follow the unsubscripted instructions that on the bottom of the emails, newsletters or you can opt -out anytime by sending us an email at

You can always contact us at , if you have difficulty to unsubscripted.

  • Advertising based on user’s behavior

By changing browser setting to block cookies or notify you when a cookie is set, you can opt-out of some, but not all online advertising based on user’s behavior. 

  • Removing reviews or comments on our products and blog

Users can remove content that they posted as reviews or comments on our website, by sending us an email at . However, by us removing of your information doesn't completely erase the information from the Internet, the following might remain: “caches”, historical copies.

Credit Card Information. 

We outsource processing of credit card transactions to Shopify payments . We securely transmit your credit card information to Shopify payments (“Payment Processor”). Payment Processor, however, does store this information. Payment Processor maintains that it is PCI compliant. We also store the last four digits of your credit card and the brand of the credit card. We also request your phone number and email address when you contribute so that we can reach you should further verification of your credit card information be required. Payment Processor uses personal information, including credit card information, you provide. Please visit the applicable Payment Processor’s for information privacy policy regarding Payment Processor’s collection, use, and transfer of Personal Information, currently available at Please see Payment Processor’s security policy for additional information regarding Payment Processor’s security measures, currently available at

We request your phone number and email address when you contribute so that we can reach you should further verification of your credit card information be required. 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS does not store, process, or transmit any other card-holder data in electronic format.

Governing Law

Our headquarters is in the United States. The service is operated and governed in accordance with US law. Information that we obtain during your use of our services and information you submit to us, might be gathered in your country and afterwards transferred to the United States, in order for us to provide you the services. By using our website, you agree to the international transfer, collection, storage and processing of your information.




COPPA Compliance of Children’s Guidelines

We do not knowingly store or collect any personal information about children under the age of 13.  If you are under the age of 13, you can view our website, but you should not make a purchase, register, or submit personal information to us.

Contacting Us 

If you have any question regarding our privacy policy, security information or if you would like to request correction or access to your personal information, please contact us via email at or through contact us on our website.

Your right to access or correct your personal information is subject to applicable legal restrictions. We might take reasonable steps to verify your identity before making correction or granting access.

If we need, or are required, to contact you regarding any event that involves your personal information, we might do so by e-mail, telephone, or mail.

By using our website, you (the visitor) agree to allow third parties to process your IP address, in order to determine your location for the purpose of currency conversion. You also agree to have that currency stored in a session cookie in your browser (a temporary cookie which gets automatically removed when you close your browser). We do this in order for the selected currency to remain selected and consistent when browsing our website so that the prices can convert to your (the visitor) local currency.

Changes To This Policy

We might send you an email periodically of our Privacy Policy, unless you have instructed us no to, you should review our privacy policy frequently to see recent changes. We will never change our privacy policy to make them less protective of user’s information gathered in the past, without the agreement of affected customers.  We will change the effective date of the latest version at the top of each policy.


Welcome on this website dedicated to the 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS brand and accessible at the following URL (the "website"). 

Please read carefully the following Terms of Use, which govern the use of this website. You consent and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, when you use our website, without limitation, when you view or access content or videos on our website.


To access and use our website you must be over 18- an adult and have available and valid e-mail address. If you are a minor, the prior authorization of your parents is required.

 You might be required to fill out required fields that indicated by asterisk in a form, prior to entering our website. Any inaccurate registration will not be accepted. You agree that the data you share with us and that is stored in our information systems is accurate and acts as proof of your identity. Please let us know to any applicable change in such data.

 Access to the website and/or certain of its parts might require the use of personal access codes. It is up to you to take your own steps to ensure the confidentiality of your personal codes. You can change them at any time. However, the number of attempts to access the website and/or certain of its parts might be limited, in order to prevent fraudulent use of such codes. Please inform us of any fraudulent use that you might become aware of.

 In the event of non-compliance with these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the website; we will inform you as soon as possible.

We try to keep the website accessible at all times; we cannot guaranty an access in all circumstances. Access to the website might be interrupted by updating, maintenance, or other reasons which are beyond our control of the website.


Our website and the elements that included in it, such as: contents, images, marks etc. are protected by intellectual property rights.

The development of our website represents work in common and a significant investment by us, thus we have not granted users any right other than browsing on our website for their private and personal use. All use such as: reproduction or representation of our website, either whole or in part or of the elements which contain it, on any media, for other purposes including, but not limited to commercial purposes, is not authorized.

We might authorize someone on an exceptional basis, to represent and/ or reproduce part or our entire website on specific media. Any request for authorization in this matter should be sent to the email address:  


Use of our website implies that you have available the necessary hardware and software resources for use of the Internet. 

Furthermore, the Internet does not allow the guarantee for availability and integrity of data transmissions and security. We cannot be liable in the event of faults- including viruses but not limited, deletions, omissions, errors and delays of the lines of communications, the software and hardware, which is not under our control or in the event of possible degradation of the content published on our website or non-authorized use.

  • General obligations of the our website’s user

Our website protects values of respect and toleration of the rights of others.

By using our website you agree not to:

  • Conduct illegal activities, such as infringing on the rights of videos, contents, photographs, marks, images and software and privacy policy, but no limited.
  • Use our website for promotional, political or advertising content purposes.
  • Distribute non authorized, defamatory, injurious or malicious contents.
  • Inciting ethnic or racial hatred or violence.
  • Divert the discussion on our blog or comments/reviews from its intended purposes.
  • Distribute content or information that showing minors.
  • Specific terms for certain parts of our website.

Various parts might be made available to you on our website as down loadable content.

By downloading or using our contents, you have agreed to use it in conformity with our website term of use. You have the right to use the down loadable content for your private and personal use only. The down loadable content is non- transferable, royalty free and according to legal term of copyright protection.

You must contact us and get our written authorization, if you would like to modify, distribute, represent or reproduce the down loadable content via email at

  • You acknowledge and agree that in case we provide you with tool which enables to edit images on our website, the tool might be used only for your own private purposes. You can’t use this tool in a way that might be infringing, disrespectful or injurious for third parties.
  • User Content: we might have available on our website option to submit user content, such as: comment, review, photos, video etc. By submitting user content to us, you automatically grant perpetual, non exclusive, irrevocable, license to use global, edit, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, incorporate into other works, and use a royalty free in whole or in part of the user content on any and all Medias, not limited on our website.

You grant us the right to use the user content on our own website, but also on third party websites such as social media websites.

You agree that the use of the social media websites is governed by the term of use of those websites.

You agree that our website terms of use are binding for us in our use of the user content, thus we can’t be held responsible of use by a third party or by us of the user content, according to the terms of use set out by the social media websites, without limitation: in terms of duration rights, scope of rights and deletion of the user content.

For any third party claims concerning to the use of the user content in accordance with the terms of use of the social media websites, you are solely responsible.

You warrant and represent that you have obtained all the necessary authorizations from all beneficiaries on the user content, such use on social media websites.

You consent that the user content might be subject to word of mouth communication on the third party websites and that we will not be liable for any action in this regard. It is your entirely choice and your exclusive liability for the user content that you publish on our website, you must remember that user content must not infringe the   rights of others and  must not conflict with  standard of morality and the legislation.

We have the right to remove user content at any time which infringes the rights of others, converse standard of morality and that is illegal.

 Please send us an email of any user content, which is not according to standard of morality, infringes on the rights of others and legislation at the following address:



General provisions: 

We do our best to provide you with accurate and up to date information, however information and data that are been transmitted over the Internet not benefiting from complete technical reliability. We cannot guaranty accuracy of all of the data that is included on our website. 

Inaccuracies and changes might appear in the information that on our websites by third parties. If you find any change or error, please let us know via email at


Advices on our website:

The advices on our website are simulations designate for obtaining expert cosmetics advices.

The information that is provided as advices, cannot replace a clinical consultation, medical diagnosis or treatment.

We assume no liability for the use that you make of our advices and results from the use of such advices and we cannot guaranty your entire satisfaction from it.
If you have any doubt or questions, we recommend consulting with your physician and/or send us an email at

Hypertext links:

We might have hypertext links on our website that take you to websites published by third parties, that we do not control the content. These links might be placed on our website, in order to enable your navigation of the Internet. The consultation of third party websites is your exclusive liability and entirely your selection.

If you want to create hypertext links to our website, you will have to submit us a request for authorization at  


Cookies are small files that are placed on your device, computer or mobile phone, when browsing on the website, such as tracking the date, time and pages which you have visited.

It is better to set your browser to accept cookies, in order to benefit from all the functionalities of our website.

Cookies do no permit us to identify you and the period for the conversation of the information registered by the cookies on your device is 6 months.


We might collect personal data that related to you, when you do the following: register to our website, send us an email, register for a game/competition, download down loadable content, fill out a survey etc.

The personal data might be used in different ways:

  • Sending newsletters.
  • Statistical data, in order to adjust our services to your exceptions.
  • Customer service: if you send us an email, we send an email back to the data that is kept which is your email address.
  • If you have provided us with your authorization and specific consent, we might transfer your data to commercial partners for the purpose of the services by 4Eever Magic Cosmetics.

According to information privacy laws, you have the right to request deletion, disclosure, correction or addition for the information that relates to you.

Please send us an email at with proof of your identity, in order to exercise this right.


We might change the content and information included on our website, also these website terms of use, including but not limited to, in order to comply with new regulations, legislation or improvement of our website.

Any change and/or modification would be combined into these website terms of use.