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We have spent the past three years perfecting our formula to create an eyebrow cream-gel that is unlike any other eyebrow product on the market today. We believe all ages and stages in life, will appreciate how easy to apply and long lasting, Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel is!


Receive the following benefits by having our brow product and dual eyebrow brush in your store:
  1. We can promote your store (by tagging your store) through all our social media channels. Great opportunity to engage with our professional makeup artists and beauty influencers who tag us using our product hashtag daily.
  2. We can promote your store on our website blog, which gets 10,000+ visitors per month.
  3. Your customers will receive a unique product consisting of two colors inside one glass jar having a cream/gel/pomade texture. Our product has greater value since dual colors come each set, allowing for a better match to skin type and hair color. The product also includes a dual eyebrow brush. It's water resistant, smudge proof, enriched with Castor oil and certified vegan & cruelty free by PETA.