Two Components

Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel’s magic comes from its two components: An exclusive and secret formula that contains high quality and safe ingredients whose consistency is matched in two shades selected by the consumer.

Each product comes with its own unique individual magic wand: a 2-in-1 Brush that is both a majestic angled and a spoolie brush in one.

Unlike Anything Else.

Before 4Ever Magic Cosmetics created Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel, consumers would have to purchase more than one eyebrow cosmetic product to create a perfect brow. And, so few products on the current market are made from a quality formula that is safe to use and not tested on animals. In addition, to find a perfect color match, consumers would have to combine products and experiment by combining the various colors to find a shade combination that looked the most natural or dramatic. Not easy since our skin tones and hair colors are so different.

When you purchase Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel, you get everything you need for unforgettable perfect eyebrows in one amazing combo package: A glass container of cream-gel formula blends two customized shades to create a blend that matches almost perfectly because you control how dark or light you desire.

Frustration Free

Gone are the days of eyebrow makeup frustration when you purchase eyebrow products only to discover they do not work for you, are costly and made from unsafe formulas, offer limited color shades/tints and tested on animals. Worse: the substandard brushes or applicators are cheap and poorly made. Stop the insanity! Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel is all you will need for natural or dramatic eyebrows.