Our Secret Formula

Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel’s excusive formula consists of two customized shades that come in a glass jar with a luxurious rose gold aluminum lid. Our beautiful glass ampule, with a rose gold aluminum lid, ensures the formula’s performance to be the best: Long lasting, texture, smudge free, water resistant and good pigment. Our formula consistency is like individual tiny pearls of creamy-gel.

One product. Two shades.

Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel is one product that consists of two tone shades—a dark color to define the eyebrow edges, arch and tail, while the lighter shade fills the inner brow, blending both dark and lighter shades like clouds of silk.

Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel is water resistant, smudge free and long lasting that stays on for a few days or until you take it off with makeup remover and then continue you can even exercise, dance, or sleep—it will not smudge or rub off. Unlike other products, consumers never need touch ups during the day or night. Our magic eyebrow gel stays on for a few days or until an oily-based makeup remover is used to wipe it off.

Magical Transformation

Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel magically helps you to redefine your natural beauty or enhance it for a heighten look of sophistication.